What to consider when buying the best sofa bed

Of course, when buying a sofa bed the color and the style play a big role. After all, the sofa should fit into your interior. Equally important, however, are the other properties. Here are a few tips on what to keep in mind when buying:

  • Frame:

The highest and most long-lasting frames for any sofa form, including a sofa bed, are those produced of kiln-dried hardwood or a mixture of kiln-dried hardwood and furniture grade plywoods. Avoid purchasing wood frames as produced by pine.

  • Conversion From Sofa To Sofa Bed:

Make sure that the conversion from the sofa to sleeping is easy to do and works without much effort. The sofa should be easily transformed into a sleeping place by a single person. When buying in a store, it is best to first try out how the conversion from a sofa to a sleeping accommodation works exactly.

  • Check Mattress Quality:

If the sofa bed is to serve as a permanent substitute for a bed, the quality, and quality of the mattress are particularly important. The cheapest are sofa beds with an integrated slatted frame. Do not save on quality when it comes to convenience. Suitable as a permanent bed, are also sofas with spring core. Especially people with back problems should opt for high-quality sofa beds, to prevent pain and tension in the muscles.

  • Measurement

When choosing the sofa, take note of the height of the deck. For some sofa beds, the mattress is only a few inches above the ground. This type of sofa bed is not suitable for the elderly, because getting up is not easy. A couch height of 45 to 50 cm is also ideal for sofa beds. Before buying the sofa, take the exact dimensions of the room. Especially in small rooms, it is important that everything fits exactly when the sofa is pulled out to sleep.

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